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Although this obviously incorporates lying, it also encompasses many other aspects of our relationship towards others. It includes …. perjury; pretending to agree with someone’s false opinion for fear of them not liking you, or fear of offending them; not compromising one’s principles for the sake of keeping your neighbour happy or to prevent them from being offended; not forming a JUDGMENT against your neighbour (Matt.7:1); not THINKING evil about your neighbour (1 Cor.13:5); speaking the truth in love (Eph.4:15); not jumping to a presumptuous opinion when you don’t have all the facts (Psalm 19:13); not gossiping, criticising, or slandering your neighbour. When you do not stand up for your neighbour against false accusations or unfair treatment, you also fall short of this law. In fact, God holds us accountable for anything we do that causes our brother or sister to stumble as a consequence of us being a bad witness towards them (Romans 14:13,21 & Matt.18:7).

This law does not prohibit talking about evil people and the evil in people. Jesus talked about the Pharisees, and Paul warned about Demas and criticised Alexander the coppersmith (2 Tim.4:14) and Moses talked about the people with God. It’s the motive of your heart that counts.

Speak against evil & evil people, but do not speak evil against someone (Titus 3:2).


NOTE!! there are 2 ways of judging people

(i) with a condemning heart = pride (Matt.7: 1,2)

(ii) with a soft evaluating heart = love (1 Cor.2:15)

Judging others is God’s job, not ours James 4:11,12

It doesn’t pay to judge others. When we judge others we are rewarded with their punishment Matt.7:1-5.

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