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Because the Sabbath day has been blessed and hallowed by God (Gen.2:3, Ex.20:11), He commands NO WORK, NO STUDY, & NO SEEKING OF PERSONAL PLEASURE on the 7th DAY of the week. This not only applies to the head of the household but also to all those who are under his roof, as well as those who are under his authority or employ on that day. The Sabbath is not a family day; it’s God’s holy day. You keep Sabbath, in fact, all His laws by attitude, not by duty.

It’s important to note that the seventh day of the week is Saturday, not Sunday. Some churches linked to Roman culture seemed to adopt Sunday as the modern Sabbath during the 2nd century A.D.(Christian History, Issue 37). Their argument was that Sunday was the Lord’s Day (the day that Jesus rose from the dead) & therefore the Christian religion should now revere this day. Even in the early church, there were factions developing that were bent on compromise with paganism, so that Christians could participate in society’s social & religious activities (see Rev.2:6, re Nicolaitans). Once emperor Constantine adopted Catholicism & brought an end to persecution, Catholicism became the state-financed religion; priesthood offered a rewarding career; & Catholics gained a high level of social status (Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbons, vol.1, p.662-665). Consequently, the ranks of Catholics swelled. Pagans also revered Sunday (the day of the Sun god). Therefore, on the grounds of social unity, it was easy & advantageous for the greedy & idolatrous Roman Catholic religious system to influence Emperor Constantine to legally institute Sunday as the common day of rest. This would not offend the pagans & it would also encourage them to adopt Catholicism, swelling its ranks & increasing its wealth & power. This Sunday ‘rest’ ruling was officially made law on the 7th March, 321 A.D. [Encyclopedia Britannica, 1899, vol.23, pg 654, & 1993, pg.305]. This was another subtle act of the spirit of anti-christ to change God’s times and laws (Dan.7:25, 2Thes.2:7, 1J.4:3).


The truth is, Jesus prophesied He would be in the grave 3 days & 3 nights Matt.12:40. The truth is, He died on Wednesday [not Friday] at 3pm Mark 15:34 & rose on Sabbath after 3pm, before Sunday began, & therefore the 7th day Sabbath is still the true Lord’s Day.

The biblical fact is, the early church met for fellowship every day of the week (Acts 2:46), including Sunday (Acts 20:7), but they still honoured the 7th day as the Sabbath (Luke 23:56 & Vines Greek Dictionary ‘Sabbath’), as God does (Gen.2:2) & Jesus Himself did (Luke 4:16) & as Jesus will continue to do during his millennial reign Isa.66:23. In other words it was men that changed the day, not God. God never changed this law, nor gave anyone else permission to change it. Nowhere in His book will you find instructions to change the day (The New Bible Dictionary, 1974, p.1111). It’s the 7th day that’s blessed & hallowed, & God said it was to be an everlasting covenant (Isaiah 24:5,6).

‘If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath, ie. from doing your pleasure on My HOLY DAY; and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy of the Lord, honourable; and shalt honour Him, NOT DOING THINE OWN WAYS, nor FINDING THINE OWN PLEASURE, nor SPEAKING THINE OWN WORDS: then shall you delight yourself in the Lord … ‘ Isaiah 58:13,14.

‘Blessed is the man that keeps the Sabbath from polluting it, … and takes hold of My covenant; even them will I bring to My Holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer …’ Isaiah 56:2,6,7,8

[Please note: … This is not just past, but present and future prophecy. The Sabbath will be law in God’s future kingdom … see Isa.66:23.]

Today’s modern Christian ignores this law completely, no matter what the day. Without any conscience on the matter, modern Christians consider themselves above this law & flaunt their arrogance by working, playing, partying, sporting & merchandising with the world on God’s Holy Day. It’s time God’s true church stood up and was counted. Turning a blind eye to the condition of the church will not be an acceptable excuse.


Jesus is LORD of the SABBATH [not Sunday]’ Mk 2:28.

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