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This means …

(i) do not make anything, in any shape or form, that may be associated with worship.
(ii) do not have anything that represents evil in your house (Deut.7:25,26, Nu.33:52). How on the one hand can we say we love God, and on the other hand, possess anything that symbolises evil and therefore is an opponent of our holy God. We can’t! It’s hypocrisy!

Religious Icons & Idols = anything that you create and incorporate in your worship of Almighty God.

‘I will cut off the graven images, and your standing images, and thou shalt no more worship THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS.’ Micah 5:13; Isa.2:8

Many religions incorporate man-made icons in their worship. This is totally anti-God and demonic deception. It’s interesting to note that the Roman Catholic church system has completely eliminated this law from it’s catechism. It’s obvious why!

Note: the New KJV version carries a three-leaf occultic insignia (used by the masons) that ignorant religious men say represents the trinity. This law says not to represent the Godhead in any image & even in any artform (Acts 17:29). Not only have the religious systems directly disobeyed this law, but instead of waiting & relying on God for His provision to them, the religious systems have impatiently and covetously gone to Egypt (the world system) to get the money for the construction of their idols (buildings, colleges, cars, equipment etc.), and they’ve used God’s money (tithes) to finance it !!

GOD DECLARES that this is ADULTERY against HIM!! (James 4:4)

‘You have taken My fair jewels of My gold and of My silver, which I had given you, and made to yourself images of men, and did commit whoredom with them.’ Ezekiel 16: 17

The Biblical principle clearly indicates that if God directs you to erect buildings & purchase equipment, they are to be financed by love offerings (Ezra 1:4), not borrowings from the world, & not the tithe. The tithe is for the Levites & the people’s needs, not bricks & mortar (Deut.14:22-29).

Whatever we do for God has to be by God’s instructions. If we do not walk in His commandments we will create things out of the imaginations of our own evil hearts … Jeremiah 11:8 & 23:16.

‘Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.’ Psalm 127:1

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