Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial
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Every kingdom has a king who rules & governs the people by set laws. These laws are instituted so that everyone can live in safety and harmony. When there’s laws, everyone knows the boundaries of right and wrong. When you defy or deliberately ignore the laws you are committing anarchy against the established government. This is exactly what Satan did (Isaiah 14). He arrogantly opposed God, the king & ruler of the spirit world. When that didn’t work, he deceivingly tried to manipulate human beings to oppose their loving Creator. Right back in the beginning, he tried to discredit the law of God. He tricked Eve into believing that God didn’t really mean what He said … that God’s rules could be bent … that God was unfair & was trying to keep humans from gaining superior knowledge because God Himself was afraid that they might become His equal (read for yourself Genesis 3: 4,5) . In other words, satan was trying to make out that God was the enemy, the deceiver, & a liar. He even attacked & killed the lawgiver (Isa.33:22), Jesus Christ.

Satan is still applying the same con today. He is tricking people everywhere, both inside & outside the church system, that God is unfair; that His laws aren’t really appropriate for today; that He’s a God of love who is soft & pliable so that if you’re nice to Him, He’ll give you what you want, & if you’re not as good as you should be, He’ll understand; [this is an old trick (see Zeph.1:12 & Mal.2:17)]. Satan’s deceiving people with the half truth, that the laws of God have been annulled & superseded by a new covenant of ‘grace’; that God didn’t really mean exactly what He wrote, but that as mature adults we can interpret His laws with flexibility & eliminate those that aren’t practical to our society’s lifestyle. The fact is, these 10 spiritual laws have not been superseded by His grace. God’s grace has always existed, even before the laws were ever written. The whole world has always been under God’s grace, otherwise, like the flood, He would have destroyed us long ago. People in the old testament were saved the same as they are today … by God’s grace through faith (James 2:23, Gal.3:6, Rom.4:20-23, Heb.11, Habk.2:4)

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