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For 4 main reasons …

(i) we don’t like admitting that we may be in the wrong camp.
(ii) we don’t like persecution.
(iii) we don’t want to know that what we’re doing is sin.
(iv) fear of change

The world is our ‘oyster’ and we don’t want to let it go, yet we say we have. In fact, we’ve blocked our conscience to such a degree, that we even believe that we are honouring God’s laws. If you put a frog in boiling water, he’ll jump out. But, if you put a frog in warm water and gradually raise the temperature, he’ll accommodate to it, and die. The reason the church thinks it’s OK with God’s laws, is simply that it has accommodated to sin, and sin blinds! The church is lying to itself. How can the church say it keeps God’s commandments when it ….

  • Condones divorce & re-marriage (Matt.5:32)
  • Condones homosexual priests (Romans 1:27)
  • Works, restaurants, plays & merchandises with the world on God’s Holy Sabbath (Ex.20:10)
  • Has turned God’s house into a house of merchandise by selling & advertising its wares & practicing humanistic goal-setting to get its dreams and wealth
  • Doesn’t tithe (Luke 11:24)
  • Covets and copies the world’s standards of dress, morality, music, debt, prosperity & women in leadership
  • Prays with pagan religions
  • The majority say they don’t do these things, but actually are guilty by their silent condoning.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [ie. ignorance] … because you have forgotten My law.’ Hosea 4:6

‘Where there is no vision [ie. blindness], the people perish, but happy is he that keeps the law.’ Prov.29:18

This above text is what the church uses to give itself licence to set goals by visualising & confessing into existence its potential future wealth & prosperity. The truth is, this is not a verse about goal-setting, but rather this verse declares that those who are fickle with the law will contract the disease of spiritual blindness. The irony is that the verse the church uses to support its case for goal-setting actually confirms the severe level of their blindness. The fact that the church is chasing prosperity is simply confirming their own conceit, lack of respect for God’s Holy Laws, & its total inability to rightly interpret the Word of God.

According to God’s Word, if you have a shallow regard for God’s laws, you’ll suffer degrees of spiritual ignorance and blindness, and you’ll get sucked into the devil’s lies (2 Tim.2:26). And that’s not all …

(i) your goals will be your own visions (not God’s) (Jer.16:12 & 23:16).
(ii) you cannot know the Fear of God (Deut.28:58).
(iii) you cannot know God’s wisdom (Prov.9:10; Psalm 119:98).
(iv) you cannot have true prosperity & success (Joshua 1:7,8; Psalm 1).
(v) your prayers will be an abomination (Prov.28:9)
(vi) you’ll walk in confusion (Dan.9; James 3:16).
(vii) you’ll never be holy (Hosea 4:6, 1 Peter 2:5).
(ix) you’ll unsuspectingly condone evil (Prov.28:4)
(x) you’ll offer contaminated worship (Haggai 2)

There is clear evidence of this in the Pentecostal church system with ignorant pastors and their flocks jumping headlong onto the bandwagon of the ‘Toronto blessing’ cult and the ‘Prosperity’ cult. God is using both these demonic phenomena to expose and highlight the church’s immaturity and folly. If ‘slaying in the spirit’ is of God, then why do you need human catchers? People are hooking into the Toronto thing because it gives them a ‘good’ feeling. Is there anything wrong with feeling? No, but feeling must produce Godly sorrow and repentance for our sins, or it’s simply our own selfish emotions, not God’s. No revival starts without repentance and humility, and any true revival never has to advertise or promote preachers … God simply sweeps people into it. True revival changes hearts and impacts the community on all fronts. I’ve monitored this phenomenon over the past three & a half years, and have noticed nothing has changed except more decay. In fact, I’m aware of specific situations where, not only is a blind eye turned towards divorce, but adultery is also silently condoned in the ranks as well as within leadership. On top of this, eldership fracture, disunity & discontentment [God says this is the result of making choices that compromise His laws (Dan.9)] are rife, & the Word of God is laid aside for the so-called ‘leading & feeling’ of the Holy Spirit. Talk about profaning the name of Jesus. Yet some churches have the gall to advertise this as ‘revival’ with huge banners across their wall. The simplicity of the root of ignorance is a shallow regard for His commandments.

You can have all the right desires, but when you couple them with spiritual ignorance, this does not equate to truth.

The Word of God is the only thing we must rely on, not experience. There is no biblical support for this behaviour. Rather it’s the evidence of people ignoring God’s truth and outwardly demonstrating their ignorance of it. The biblical evidence actually directly opposes this behaviour … it was the enemies of Jesus that fell backwards (Jn.18:6); God’s men fell onto their faces (Ez.1:28,3:23, Dan.10:9) and could not even get up except by the power of the Spirit. This evil is being propagated by self-deceived arrogant men who are fully engulfed in the ‘Prosperity’ deception. Blind people everywhere have been sucked into the lie that ‘prosperity = getting what you ask for’, and ‘faith = healing’. My Bible says that God’s principle is death of self before real fruit is produced (Luke 9:23,24; John 12:24; 2T.2:11,12). God’s principle is to withhold good things from you till you see your sin (Deut.8:15,16). When things go wrong in your life, or when you don’t get healed, what are you going to do? Who are you going to blame? Those people that point the finger and say ‘no faith’ are not practicing ‘love’ but self-protective vindictiveness. They forget that it’s the elders of the church that are also required to have the faith to raise the sick (James 5:14). They forget that Elisha died sick, that Job was persecuted with sickness, that Timothy had a stomach complaint, that Daniel fell sick (Dan.8:27), that the blind man’s problem was not due to his sin (John 9:3), that Ahijah (God’s prophet) was blind (1K.14:4), & that the man who had his ear cut off was healed by Jesus without the man having faith (Luke 22:51). Faith includes trusting God when things don’t work out the way we want, or when life doesn’t make any sense (Lam.3), so how can faith enter the picture if you believe these lies? True Faith works by love (Gal.5:6), so you can’t even have faith for miracles if you aren’t putting God first. Talk about accommodating humanism and materialism and gift-wrapping it under a different name. How blind we are! Anyone that teaches healing by ‘visualising and confessing yourself healed’, is practicing occult, not faith. Anyone that asks for money to propagate their ministry is opposite to Jesus. If God supplies all our need you don’t have to mention money at all, nor do you have to plan ways to create it. Therefore I must conclude that these people are opposite to Jesus ie. demonically inspired. The fact is, God said, ‘withdraw yourself from anyone that teaches that gain is godliness’ (1Tim.6:5) [most modern versions conveniently omit this phrase].

God’s prosperity is ‘contentment in every situation’ (1 Timothy 6:6) whether it be poverty, riches, sickness, health, persecution, or suffering. God Himself is the creator of everything, including evil (Isa.45:7; 54:16; Prov.16:4, Ex.4:11; Gen.2:9, Lam.3:37,38). The Almighty has the right to do with us as He wishes, either good or evil, because He controls both. Faith rests in the fact that God knows best and He is in control of everything, despite how things may appear on the surface. Faith is letting God use every circumstance, whether good or evil, to teach us about ourselves, to save others, to set in place His plan, or for whatever purpose He wills. God said, ‘blessed are the poor in spirit’ (Matt.5:3). It’s time to stop focussing on things and our rights as Christians. If God gives us things, then we are responsible to be good stewards. Our only objective must always be GOD FIRST, and nothing else, including wishing our circumstances to be other than what they are.

‘Whosoever does not forsake all that he has, cannot be my disciple’ Luke 14:33.

‘Walk not in the vanity of your own mind, having your understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through ignorance, because of the blindness of your heart: and do not be past feeling giving yourselves over to lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness.’ Ephesians 4:17-19

Why are thousands of people getting sucked into these things? They’re blind because they’ve listened to man instead of God. There are many good people in the contaminated church system, yet, sadly, they’ve accepted the wisdom of the preacher and accommodated to the peer pressure of man’s precepts instead of boldly standing for God’s. The evidence that I’m telling the truth, is in our nation’s decay. Where spiritual fathers have been non-existent, you can only expect your children to be deceived.

Sadly, Pentecostalism has degraded itself to emotional soulishness. A lot of people go to church for the emotion of worship. People aren’t brought to conversion on the basis of Godly sorrow and repentance for their sin, but with the carrot of God’s blessings. The modern church is bribing people to Jesus. Just like Simon the sorcerer, people are coming to Jesus for the benefits, not for the commitment to serve Him & die for Him. What’s the use of having a personal Saviour if it’s not to save us from our sins? What is He saving us from? Sadly, the church doesn’t see Christianity as a battleground against evil, but a club-house where we can come and find friendship, peace, and time-filling activities and entertainment. By their tolerance, the church sends a message to the world that ‘sin is OK’, so why wouldn’t people want to join the club and get their insurance policy for heaven? They’ve got nothing to lose. The church has forgotten that Jesus didn’t chase after the rich young ruler, nor even His own disciples (John 6:61,66), when they didn’t want to meet the standards because it was all too hard. Obviously, if we’re after numbers and money, it would be unwise to teach that you can only join God’s army if you give up everything. Although many are confused and discontent, fear restricts them from upsetting the apple-cart, and fear of loneliness or loss of friends keeps them bound to the contamination.

Does this let the orthodox and evangelical church systems off the hook? No way! The same subtlety of blindness permeates through this system as well. It’s the reason for the Pentecostal break-away in the first place. It frowns on emotions and certain gifts of the Spirit, preferring to stick to its ritualistic denominational divisions. It too has allowed the world to influence its ranks and thinking.

Besides the homosexual debate in the Uniting Church, Anglicans are not even objecting that their future head, Prince Charles, is a practicing adulterer. Issues of compromise are being exposed on all fronts, eg. The Sydney Anglican synod has condoned the selling of alcohol [merchandising] on church premises, and the ordination of women is a hot potato that’s causing further divisional cracking. Orthodox and Anglicans still robotically recite repetitive structured prayers and creeds, taken from the Roman Catholic prayer book, as the basis for their system of worship (Matt.6:7). The religious system’s ignorance is highlighted by their non-scriptural belief in the ‘communion of saints’ (which actually means praying to dead spirits, especially infallible Mary ) and indoctrinated into the people each week through the quoting of the Apostles’ Creed formulated by pagan Roman Catholicism in 3rd century A.D. When the Anglicans routinely declare a belief in “one holy catholic & apostolic church” they expose an ignorant submission to the Roman Catholic’s headship over a universal one-world religion built on the lineage of the Apostle Peter. When they recite the Nicene Creed and quote “one baptism for the forgiveness of sins” they are inadvertently confirming the Roman Catholic occultic belief that infant baptism is the doorway to salvation and church membership. Coupled with this is the sad inditement that God’s people pray and quote the Ten Commandments every Sunday, yet, without even thinking about it, practice hypocritical living in their homes and community. How contradictory to say that adultery is wrong, then watch it in the cinemas, & condone by silence, the issue of divorce and re-marriage (Matt.5:32). What a double standard we lead when we say it’s a sin to steal, yet we steal from God by seeking our own pleasure on His Sabbath day, and steal from God by keeping His tithe. How hypocritical to say that it’s a sin to covet, yet our lifestyle and well-being is the centre of most Christians’ attention, not to mention the pride of our unwillingness to share our resources with the needy, or to forgive others.

Right at this point in time, churches on both sides of the fence are striving to save themselves by adopting the ‘cell church’ strategy. As a home church pastor, I’m all for real, personal & unified fellowship. However, this cannot be achieved by following a set format of strategy. That’s how the world works. God works by changing our hearts and the strategy follows. You can change the system as much as you like, you can cut it up into small groups as much as you like, but if people’s hearts aren’t changed, all you’re doing is replacing one dead system with another. I recently received a brochure advertising a woman reverend who has a 3,000+ cell church in Singapore, and promoting a seminar on how to increase the numbers in your church. Can you see Jesus doing this? This is not God’s heart. This is deception. This is an example of the humanistic goal setting strategies that I learnt in the business world … ‘how to get more clients and increase your business’. The problem is, it works, and many confused and discontent blind people are being sucked in by the thousands.

You see, because we’ve blocked our consciences to God’s laws, all we’re doing is following the imaginations and dreams of our own hearts (Jer. 16:12 & 23:16), and blindly convincing ourselves that this is God’s heart. God’s heart is totally the opposite. God’s not into size, strategy, money, security or self-worth, He’s into death and humility … ‘whoever does not bear his cross (ie. die to self), and come after Me, cannot be My disciple’ (Luke 14:27) & you die by restricting your desires to God’s law.

The truth is, if you’re fair dinkum about sin, you have to protest against it in your own life first. Until you do that, you are simply silently condoning it, & in effect, making a mockery of God’s laws. If you tolerate sin in your life, and if you refuse to see and address your wrong behavioural attitudes, then you’re simply faking your relationship with a holy God. If you’re out of sorts with your spouse, you may be still living in the same house and sleeping together, but you both know the relationship is not what it should be. The same is true with God. You may be a Christian, but that doesn’t mean you’re communicating. If God says something to you, you’ll interpret it to support your posture, and rush off doing what you thought you heard, without realising you had misinterpreted His instructions. You can only hear to the max. when you’ve cut off your flesh. The Word says, ‘If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me’ Psalm 66:18, Isa.59:2.

Think about this instruction in God’s Word. ‘I will walk in my house with a perfect heart. I will set NO WICKED THING before my eyes. The deeds of faithless men I hate; they shall not cling to me. Men of perverse heart shall be far from me; I will have NOTHING TO DO WITH EVL PEOPLE.’ Psalm 101:2-4.

If that’s God’s standard & yet you allow the evil of TV to enter God’s holy temple (ie. you), then according to God’s words, you’re a liar about having respect for God’s laws (1 John 2:4). There is no way certain programs on TV will not lead you into lustful thinking, and either lustful thinking is ‘adultery’ or it isn’t. If you’re not going to be honest, there’s no way you’re going to understand the message I’m sharing. In times past, you may have been able to keep you and your family from the evil of TV, but now even the ads. are polluted, and the real truth about our ABC’s standards can be measured by its promotion of the ‘gay mardi gra’. The fact is, that if you don’t keep a strict guard against the TV programs you watch, you’re supporting the media’s standard of presentation, by default, and you are grieving a holy God within you by accepting the world’s evil into your own home. In plain simple English, God calls anyone who says they love Him, yet lives a double-standard, a hypocrite.

Whoever is a friend of the world, is an enemy of God.’ James 4:4

Before you can honestly say that you are respecting God’s laws, you have to repent of your own compromise of sins; and before you can experience full communion with the Father you must honour and love His laws.

‘He that has My commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves Me: and he that loves Me shall be loved of My Father, and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to him.’ John 14:21

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