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Before Jesus died, whenever you became aware of having done something wrong, you were required to kill an innocent animal so that it’s blood recompensed for your wrong doing (Heb.9:22). This is the requirement of the law of the spirit kingdom. When Jesus died on the cross, He initiated a new covenant because His perfect innocent blood has now atoned for all past, present and future sins (Col.2:13,14). All we have to do is humbly admit them and repent (turn from them). At the cross, Jesus bought our freedom from the bondage of the law’s legal blood requirements, by sacrificing His own perfect innocent blood, so that anyone who submits to Him as the true king of the spirit world & who walks in the guidelines of His laws, only has to sincerely apologise for, and repent of, their contravention of His laws, & they will always maintain their personal friendship & relationship with the creator of the universe. Without this new covenant, only Enoch and Elijah would be in heaven. No other person was entitled to access God’s heavenly kingdom until Jesus had paid the penalty for sin and risen from the tomb as ‘the firstborn from the dead’ (Col.1:18, 1Cor.15:20).

Under the old covenant, people were saved exactly the same as they are today, ie. by God’s grace, and by faith in God (eg. Abraham …Gal.3:6, Romans 4:20-23). It was not, and never has been, by keeping the law. The difference between the old and new covenants is not these 10 laws of God, but the elimination of animal blood-letting as payment for our sins, the potential to enter heaven (Heb.9:15), plus the incredible privilege of a personal and direct communion with almighty God, through His Holy Spirit [the lawgiver (Isaiah 33:22, James 4:12)] living in our bodies & the opportunity for every believer to contribute with Holy Spirit gifts. The new covenant is an extension of God’s grace, not an elimination of His 10 spiritual laws. God is deadly serious about His 10 spiritual laws. They have not been cancelled. They have always existed and will always exist. They are immutable (Isaiah 24:5,6), & they’ve been given to all generations so that we can know His will for daily living so we do not lose our love for Him, like Solomon did, for example, in 1 Kings 11 (‘Lion’s Handbook to the Bible’, 1973, p.124; ‘The New Bible Dictionary’, Intervarsity Press, 1974, p.1111). These laws are for our safety and benefit, not God’s, and keeping them is the exercise of our heart’s expression of our faith & love in God.

Sadly, our compromise of these laws, like Adam’s & Eve’s, is slowly killing us …”for in the day you eat thereof you shall surely die” (Genesis 2:17). Disobedience kills, & even though the sentence against evil is not executed speedily (Ecc.8:11, Isa.30:18), God does not lie … “what you sow, you will reap” (Gal.6:7). The law of God is the constitution of God; it’s what He runs His government by. It’s because of His immutable laws that you can trust Him to govern & judge with absolute fairness.

Just as in our natural physical realm, we live with and are governed and judged by the laws of our nation, so there are laws that apply even more importantly to our spirits. There are set guide-lines for the health & well-being of our spirits, & if we willingly adhere to them, we will find TRUE TRUTH & TRUE FREEDOM.

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