Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial
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In any kingdom, if you break the law, you are punished … because that’s the law. The word God uses for breaking the law in the spirit kingdom, is SIN … ‘sin is the transgression of the law’ (1 John 3:4). Anything that we do wrong against the law obviously must be punished. However, the prime purpose of God’s punishment is not to hurt us but to encourage us back into the safety of His laws (Hebrews 12, 1Cor.11:32). God knows, that just like cancer, sin starts surreptitiously with your thoughts, and ends up slowly invading your whole body.

The punishment in the spirit kingdom starts immediately, but you may not recognise the symptoms & side-effects of your sin for years. The bible (God’s law book), declares that … ‘the final punishment for sin is death’ (Romans 6:23). However, in the meantime, there are a range of curses that will accumulate against you, while ever you refuse to be truly sorry for breaking the law. These curses are listed in Deuteronomy 27 & 28, and they include such things as drought, locusts, pestilence, sickness, fever, inflammation, scabs, boils, mental disorders, elevated temperatures, wasted effort, loss of assets, debt, borrowers rather than lenders, barrenness, family fracture, invasion, & war. If we’re honest, about the only thing left for this country to face, is invasion. Yet, even this has subtly already occurred viz. most of our resources and a large proportion of our land is foreign-owned, and we’ve been invaded by false religions & their false gods; we just haven’t yet suffered the sword of invasion. Australia has a massive $400 billion debt; is suffering the worst drought in it’s history; cracks in the ozone layer are exposing us to temperature problems; family fracture is the norm rather than the exception; crime is on the rampage; hospitals are over-crowed; racial division is being fully exposed; deregulation is wiping out many Australian industries & farmers, and almost everyone is in debt, many, especially small businesses, are hanging on for grim death. Those with open eyes will see, that the truth is, because we have ignored the 10 spiritual laws, the punishment is starting to be exposed in the physical world around us.

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