Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial
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Unfortunately, if you take the wrapping off the outside, the true picture of the modern church is no different to the real picture of the world around it. Everything may seem to appear as if all is well, but those who are honest know that the church is dying too. When I was a boy, ‘divorce’ was a dirty word and people respected their marriage vows. Now, divorce has struck virtually every family unit in the church system. When I was a boy, Sunday was God’s day. Now it’s church followed by shopping, basketball or Indy. When I was a boy, the 10 commandments were the basis for our worship of God as well as the framework for our nation’s legal system. When I was a boy, pastors visited their flock at their private homes. Now they’d run the risk of being framed for immorality. When I was a boy, the Bible was read around the meal table. When I was a boy, school assemblies pronounced the ‘Lord’s Prayer’. Now many children are growing up in this nation without ever hearing about the true Jesus. When I was a boy, women were happy to be homemakers & mothers. Now they’re demanding to be priests.

In case you haven’t noticed, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, & Methodists have virtually disappeared. In order to survive, these once time healthy denominations have had to unite under the banner of the ‘Uniting Church’ … a religious system that has the gall to consider homosexuals for the priesthood. The collapse of these former denominations is but another outward sign of the whole church’s inner rot and decay. Adultery, homosexuality, incest, beastiality etc. defiles the land, and the land will eventually spew you out (Lev.18:24-30, Isa.26:21). This is the very reason why the British Commonwealth no longer exists. This is the very reason why the aboriginals and their dream-time spiritism have no further rights to our nation’s land. God has spewed them out of their original ownership (Jer.16:10-13). God’s Reconciliation is not based on giving people back their land (otherwise He would have to give Israel back to the Canaanites); it’s based on forgiveness and repentance for contravening God’s ten spiritual laws. Therefore, the current process of reconciliation is inspired by the demonic, not God. Its objective is to divide the nation, not heal it.

Why is all this happening?

Instead of separating from the world’s system, the religious systems have adopted it and copied it. God said that ‘the life of the flesh is in the blood’ (Leviticus 17:11), and God has clearly warned us that ‘whenever you take a blood transfusion from the world, you will contaminate your own blood’ (Numbers 35:33, Lev.18, Isa.26:21, Ex.23:32,33). Once you have the world’s blood flowing through your veins you will gradually adapt to the world’s thinking, and just as God says that worldliness decays, so too, the church will decay. God’s whole objective is for us to be a light to the world, but instead we’ve taken on the world’s darkness. The resultant disease process will cause the current religious systems to suffer a coronary, cancer and eventually aides.

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