Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial

It’s important to note that the Pharisees were ignoring the real issues of what the law was about, viz. love, mercy & truth (Matt.23:23), and had made the law into legalism. That’s why Paul’s prime objective was to break through the mindset of the Jews of his time, by teaching that accessing heaven or scoring points with God, was not based on keeping the ritual bondage of Moses’ laws (especially the issue of circumcision Gal.2, 1Cor.7:19). This is legalism. At the same time, John’s objective was to teach that ‘Love’ was pre-eminent & required a holy reverence for God’s laws (1 & 2 John). God is not only a God of LOVE, but also of JUDGMENT. Submitting to God’s laws under the guidelines of the Holy Spirit, is the balance that’s essential for true love & freedom. Unfortunately, the modern Christian only wants to hear Paul’s case. The irony is, that this modern mindset has placed them in the diagonally opposite corner of the ritual bondage of ‘liberalism’. While ever you remain with this unbalanced mindset, you’ll never know the love of God that I’m referring to, and you’ll continue to contribute to our nation’s social decay! The truth is … Jesus opposed legalism, but He endorsed the law (Matt.19:17 & 23:3,23), ie. He walked by the spirit of the law, not the bondage of the letter; not like today’s modern Christians who have simply cancelled them.

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