Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial

Absolutely not!. Legalism is blind submission to ritual duty. These days, ‘Legalism’ is a name-calling word that’s propagated by the modern church as a means of silencing its critics. No one likes to know they’re wrong, so instead of lovingly weighing up truths and seeing if the Holy Spirit would confirm them to us, we protect our view to the hilt by simply opposing any view that doesn’t fit our experience or what we’ve been taught. This is simply being ‘self-protective’ and ‘escaping one’s conscience by knocking the other person’. It’s called ‘listening to the voice of the majority’ instead of being willing to hear a singular opinion. In other words, it’s ‘close-mindedness’. Branding people without listening to their full explanation, is simply a sign of one’s inner fear of unsureness about their own dogma. The evidence of people’s true heart will be displayed either by their freedom to listen, or their arrogance of defence. The truth is … it’s actually legalistic to be so locked into your own point of view, that you’re unwilling to listen to another’s opinion. The truth is, Paul opposed legalism, not the law (Romans 3:31, 1Cor.7:19). The truth is … having a balanced respect for God’s laws, is love, not legalism (John 14:15 & 15:10). What I’m talking about is not legalism, but a heart-to-heart relationship with your husband, Jesus. I’m talking about loving Him so much you do not want to offend Him nor incur His wrath, and therefore His laws become precious to you as guidelines for life. The law was never meant to be viewed or exercised in a legalistic manner. Jesus Himself said that judgment, mercy & faith were the important matters of the law (Matt.23:23) but at the same time He instructed His disciples to abide by the law (Matt.23:3,23). They’re there for our safety, not our bondage!


That’s always been the case … eg. David ate the shewbread (Matt.12:1-12), Hezekiah compromised the feast of unleavened bread (2Chron.30:18,19), Esther married a heathen king, Elisha lied (2Kings 6:19), Abraham was instructed by God Himself to kill his own son, & Hosea was instructed by God to marry a prostitute. 

The Lord looks on the heart, not the act, but the act will expose your heart. What you do and the motive for doing it will be a reflection of what’s really in your heart. If you have a shallow respect for His laws then eventually your actions will expose your true heart’s condition.

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