Ch.9: BE WARNED !!

Posted: August 12, 2011 in Controversial
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On top of this fact, God said that when the blood of innocent people is shed, & when people commit adultery against God [ie. not being separate from worldly things … read for yourself James 4:4 (AMP.) & Isaiah 54:5], the land becomes defiled & polluted (Numbers 35:33, Lev.18:25, Isaiah 26:21, Ps.106:38). The land of Australia is wallowing in the blood of government-financed innocent abortions, legalised prostitution, legalised de-facto & homosexual relations, violence and murders, euthanasia, naked exposure (Lev.18), immorality & greed. No wonder our nation smells to high heaven. God said that the laws of His spirit kingdom require blood for blood (Gen.9:5,6). That is, we as a nation either must cry out in humble repentance to God for His mercy, so that God can wash our evil slate clean with the perfect innocent shed blood of Jesus, or else this nation will suffer a God-directed catastrophe so that blood is shed as punishment for the crimes it has committed, especially against innocent blood. Already, God is giving us clear preliminary warning if only we will look, viz. the Newcastle earthquake, Port Arthur massacre, Townsville military helicopter disaster, Vietnam war, Cyclone Tracey, Canberra fires, Granville train disaster, Swiss canyon disaster, Bali bombing, Thredbo landslide, increase in shark attacks, Childer’s backpackers’ fire, Melbourne underworld crime murders, drought, Australians on the bridge that collapsed at the Israeli games, the longest drought in our history, a variety of destructive pests, unprovoked malicious murders etc. We’ve had disasters before, but now they’re getting closer together, more bizarre, and significant lives are being taken. Is God singling out Australia? He will deal with every nation according to its sin, but, sadly, Australia has known the truth about God, yet rejected it. Therefore, we will be held more accountable (Luke 20:47). God will hold the whole nation responsible. Firstly, because silence is the same as condoning the crime, and, secondly, because when families turn their backs on the laws of the spirit kingdom, the family disintegrates, and this inevitably leads to the disintegration of the whole nation as it changes its laws to condone more evil (eg. homosexuality, de-facto adulterous relationships, divorce, gambling, pornography, prostitution, pagan religions etc.). This ultimately leads to de-criminalised murder and blood-shedding (viz. abortions). Even more sad is the fact that God will lay the primary blame at the feet of the church system (Ezekiel 9:6; 1 Peter 4:17), because it knows these laws, but has chosen to ignore them and bend them to suit its selfish lifestyle, and thus has misled the rest of the nation with its hypocrisy. Time is running out. There is only one way to reverse the guaranteed punishment and expanding curses … we must acknowledge our sin and repent.

‘The Lord has a controversy with the inhabitants of the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor knowledge of God (because you have forgotten My law). By swearing, lying, killing, stealing, and committing adultery, they break out, and BLOOD TOUCHES BLOOD. Therefore, shall the land mourn, the people languish, and the animals and fish be removed … because you have forgotten My law.’ Hosea 4: 1,2,3,6

These laws existed from the beginning & have never been amended by God, only by man. In fact, these 10 laws are so important that they are the only thing that God Himself wrote with His own hand. God Himself declared that they are everlasting laws and that they were never to be annulled or amended ….

‘The earth is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the EVERLASTING covenant. Therefore the CURSE has devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate.’ Isaiah 24:5,6

ie. God’s Word tells us quite clearly that decay is due to abusing God’s laws!

The modern church argues that it keeps these 10 Spiritual Laws, but you only have to look at how it abuses the 4th law to know that it’s lying to itself. If you’re complacent with one of these laws, it’s a sign of your inner heart’s familiarity with God & your casual attitude towards all the laws. Most church-goers break any commandment to suit their own convenience. If you twist the truth to suit your lie, you worship yourself & you’ll be given what your heart secretly wants, to your destruction Rom.1:25,28.

Sadly, the modern-day church is the reason for our nation’s decay! The modern church has gone ‘soft’ on sin. Instead of maintaining a balance between the two characteristics of God as ‘love’ and ‘judge’, the modern church has swung the pendulum completely to the ‘grace’ side, and in so doing is condoning sin by its tolerance of it. This grace philosophy has lulled the church into a false sense of security & a belief that 10-20% sin is acceptable because I’m really 80-90% good. All Christians are forgiven sinners that fight our sin daily, but if you accept and tolerate some sin because you think you’re primarily good, you’re not a Christian, you’re a liar 1John 2:4. Roman Catholics play with this good & badness issue by being relatively good and cancelling out their bad by infant baptism, confession to a priest, penance, last rites & purgatory. Love does not compare or qualify its goodness to justify some badness. Love knows that all sin is unacceptable, and anything less is just pure selfishness. If you justify your salvation on the degree of your goodness, you’re practicing Roman Catholicism, not love.

How hypocritical it is to say that adultery is wrong, but divorce and re-marriage is OK (Matt.5:32). What a double-standard it is to say adultery is wrong, then go and watch it at the cinemas. Are you committed to no sin, or almost no sin? Almost every church is turning a blind eye to immorality on the basis of believing a 1/2 truth lie of convenience … “that love is tolerant and does not judge others. Let’s not upset people, let’s love them.” GARBAGE!! There’s no such thing as love without discipline (Heb.12). Peter pointed the finger at Ananias & Sapphira for simply telling a little white lie, & God killed them! My Bible says … ‘Walk as children of light, & have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather REPROVE them’ Ephesians 5:8,11. People forget that Jesus also came to bring judgment (John 9:39), and therefore offended many with the truth, including His own disciples (John 6:61,66). The problem is, our church leaders are not walking in holiness themselves & therefore have no authority to attack unrighteousness. If your heart is not being stirred against the evil in our religious systems & in our society, then you’ve blinded your conscience to God’s laws!! Whenever you ‘poo-hoo’ God’s laws you lose the fear of God as judge & sin punisher.

The modern church has swallowed the lie that …

‘freedom from the law = freedom to ignore the law & live above it & still believe you live inside the law because you think it’s in your heart’


Just as God’s forgiveness has set us free from eternal judgment (Col.2:13), but we also need God’s daily forgiveness to free us from our daily sins (Matt.6:14,15); & just as God has washed away ALL our sin eternally (Col.2:13; 1 John 1:7), but we still sin daily (1 John 2:1); & just as being born again means we’re dead to sin (Rom.6:7; Col.3:3, 1 John 3:9), but we are still required to die to sin daily (Col.3; 1 Cor.15:31; Luke 9:23,24); and just as God is not only love but also judge, in the same way, there are two truths regarding the law.

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