ou may be surviving in our nation at present, but many aren’t. In case you have been too busy to look lately, let me inform you that our nation is dying. This is no joke. This is a life and death matter! Either we come to terms with the real reason for the mess, or this nation, like every nation in history before us, will get sucked into its black hole. You may shut your eyes and refuse to see. You may argue that these problems have always been there, but ask yourself the question … are things getting worse or better? You may think that what I am about to share is unbalanced exaggeration and out-moded theory, but the fact still remains, it’s the truth, and there is only one solution.

When I was a boy, the norm was for fathers to work to support the family while mother stayed at home to raise the children. Now in order to maintain the same standard of living, both parents work. I have to ask myself the question … is this progress? When I was a boy, I heard of one murder … ‘the Wanda Beach’ murder. Now I hear of them every day. When I was a boy, gambling was only a national sport on Melbourne Cup day. Now every newsagency touts scratch-its & lotto. When I was a boy, ‘heroine’ was a female hero, ‘gay’ was a woman’s name, and ‘aides’ were hospital nursing staff. When I was a boy, TV was the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’. Now it’s ‘Sex-life’. When I was a boy, modesty was a one-piece swimsuit. Now, topless is the acceptable dress. Where have we progressed to? When I was a boy, the NSW Liberal government in the 1970’s, permitted X-rated movies into the country. The argument was that as mature adults we would have the ability to filter out what was not acceptable to our own individual moral principles. What a joke! All that’s happened is that we’ve altered our moral principles down to the gutter level, and we call this progress! When I was a boy, ‘bloody’ was a swear word that I heard when people were really angry. Now I hear ‘F’ words and ‘Jesus Christ’ wherever I turn. When I was a boy, the legal system defended the innocent. Now its objective is to ‘sue people for everything you can get’. When I was a boy, prostitutes were somewhere in King’s Cross. Now they’re advertised by the dozens in the local paper. When I was a boy, star signs were in the ‘Women’s Weekly’. Now people line up to get their future read by the psychic at the local arts & crafts market. When I was a boy, shops were shut on Sunday, and there was no national sporting events. When I was a boy, neighbours chattered over the fence. When I was a boy, nobody locked their car or windows at night. I do not call our current lifestyle, progress!